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Dan C.
11/19/2010 16:21

Hey i watch your videos on youtube. But i wasnt sure on the .22 ammo reveiw on your views about winchester .22 ammo. Just want to know cuase iam geting a savage mark 2 .22 for chirstmas. I shoot trap in compotion and i also use wincheser ammo and a mossberg 500a shotgun.

12/08/2010 02:08

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02/14/2011 09:00

i have question for you. i just got a glock 23 40 for my self deffense gun for out in the woods when im guiding and just took it to the range for practice. i absolutely love the gun but there is one draw back to it which is when i shoot it repeatedly i noticed that the trigger guard hits my middle finger knuckle on my right hand which doesnt feel good after a while. anyways i was just wondering if you have the same problem?

02/20/2011 22:49

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