So when I got home today, my buddy wanted to see my new truck. Well when I got off the bus I decided to show him because the bus makes another loop. Well I pulled it out, then i started realizing that there is a lot of snow on the ground. I was like "its a truck, it can handle it" but what I failed to realize is that it does not have 4wheel drive. Well I drove it out to the drive way. Then when I started backing up, I was not moving. I was stuck, so I spent like an hour trying to get it out. So far my day has kinda sucked. I failed a semester test, then I got my truck stuck and worked my butt off to get it out. Anybody want to trade?


joe yo ho
02/18/2010 09:11

what kinda truck

04/17/2010 15:58

you should have went with the 4x4 - you'll regret it 4ever.


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