Today is way better than yesterday. Today I fixed my iPod. Post will come later on today when I get home.
So when I got home today, my buddy wanted to see my new truck. Well when I got off the bus I decided to show him because the bus makes another loop. Well I pulled it out, then i started realizing that there is a lot of snow on the ground. I was like "its a truck, it can handle it" but what I failed to realize is that it does not have 4wheel drive. Well I drove it out to the drive way. Then when I started backing up, I was not moving. I was stuck, so I spent like an hour trying to get it out. So far my day has kinda sucked. I failed a semester test, then I got my truck stuck and worked my butt off to get it out. Anybody want to trade?
I want to do nothing today, but I have school. What really depressing, is I failed a semester test. Guess I will post a blog when I get home or tomorrow.
Recently I have been putting my website on my signature and even asked some people what they think of the site. I was actually very happy with the response, until some jerk said I was soliciting. I was not doing that because I don't have anything to sell. I think maybe he was a control freak or something. He told me to keep everything "on topic". Okay it sounds like he did not go to the website and look at the material. If he did he would have realized that it was on topic. Oh yeah BTW the topic is about Glocks, and as you can see I have like 3 pages on Glocks. Well anyways, that's what I have been doing. I like the forums a lot because there is some smart people on there, and when you have a question everybody is so nice, and gives you good information.
I do have a Combat boot review up. I talk about the Bates tactical boot and some other desert boots. Today was a pretty good day, just so tired today. Getting the site ready and updating it, it takes a lot out of you mentally. But i must say it is kinda fun, even though i have the worlds crappiest internet. Its satellite, its fast when you don't watch videos and upload images, but i do that everyday. Anyways, just letting you guys know whats up.
Man updating and making a good website is really hard work, i thought it was easy haha. I will say this though, it is really fun sometimes. Today i uploaded some new pictures of some gear and in my Personal section of my website, i put some pics of my Pug with her new coat on. So just putting some more videos on the website and making the best thing for you guys. thanks guys,
Well guys i have completely redone the website. I want the website to be happy looking, and the other was dark and dull. I am also typing reviews on products, and i will also be putting more videos on the website if i can so you don't have to read as much and you can just watch. I probably will try to keep doing more blogs, maybe everyday i hope. But thanks for all the good comments and ratings on my videos. So visit the site regularly and you will find i am doing something new about everyday.
So i know its been a long time since i have posted a new blog and video but my internet is satellite and that internet blows because you have a download and upload limit. I will be having some new videos up soon maybe in the next few days. I am not much of a blog guy but i probably will do this a lot more now since its a lot easier to do a blog than to post YouTube video. A 10 min video takes about 7 hours to upload but sometimes i will be at a place where i can upload as much as i want A.K.A. DSL or high speed. So basically just letting you guys know that i am still active with YouTube and the website.
Hey i just posted like 10 or 11 new vids on youtube and they have to do with glocks, 1911's, and a 38 special. oh yeah i also put a video up about my dog. so enjoy and stay safe and always HOOAH!!!
Hey dudes sorry i have not written a new blog in a while been really busy but i will be saying this i will not be frequently be posting my new vids on the web site just for the simple fact it takes way way to long to get it all done thats why i just leave my video page link on here. i post a new video about once twice to three a week depends where i am at and what i am doing. currently i have posted four new videos so if your interested check my page out again at where i have many videos on gear and knives guns tips and so much more so if you are interested check me out and HOOAH!!! stay strong stay safe.