Okay i hope you guys have found the site my loyal youtube fans. My first blog todays is going to be about my videos. I have been getting some mean  comments from people calling me a retard,fat boy, and stupid etc. I just want you guys to rate there comments low. I will never will block anybody unless they really really are asking for it. i can take abuse from people so dont think i am a baby. So my next videos will be "home defense" and a 22 caliber savage model 64 f review. the home defense will be a series of videos like the 357 magnum ruger 10 22 mossberg 500 etc. so stay tuned in and visit me on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/SFCGrazier HOOAH!!!
9/25/2009 11:06:48 am

Hey man. I am still building you that site I promised. Don't worry. I'll have it up by the end of the weekend.

9/28/2009 02:57:37 am

hey like the site

10/2/2009 06:59:08 pm

Hey great site man, I'm clicking the adds. Later.

11/21/2009 05:04:48 am

hi not to disrespect u or anything but just picked up on some kind of dumb things u did on your smith&wesson 38 special video and i liked your vid but before you reveiw a fire arm you should realy reveiw the tecnical things about it for example you called the cylnder the chamber, when you were about to pull the trigger u checked the cylnder and the barrel why the barrel the firing pin strikes at the end of the cylnder not the barrel and not all guns but on the majority of guns only the bullet will fit in the barrel not the whole cartridge ps. i would like to seen you do a good reveiw on the star pd 45 acp just bought ond and so far i think its great would like to see what some of you veiwers think

8/6/2012 05:34:22 pm

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