Getting even funner lol
If you are following my channel, by now you have realized I don't post videos often. I am not going to be posting for a while till I get my new SDHC HD card because my other SD cards are no good. So I am saving up my money and if you want to contribute just click my ads and that can help me and there person that post there ads there.
Man it has been ten days since I have posted. I am sorry about that, I have been really busy. So far I am updating a website for my friend and doing some different stuff with it. It is very time consuming. But the past couple days I have had some dudes make me a Logo and it is turning out real well. So stay tuned in and you will see it and you will see some shirts getting ready to be sold.
Just looking around on the internet, I want to have some shirts made.
Well if you are wondering why I have not posted a blog in a while, well here is the answer. I have been helping my buddy Pete build a website and it has been really time consuming. But I want to help him out because he is a good dude, and he produces a lot of good videos. If you want to check him out his YouTube name is thearmorychannel. He is a good dude. So far I have spent about 8 hours working on it, and I am done basically with it, just doing a little bit of touch ups.
I was suppose to get my license next week, but I was not sure if I had to take the test. So I called them and because I have a VA permit I have to wait three more months. This sucks so much, even though in VA I can get
Gosh I have been wanting to be a YouTube Partner for so long. Unfortunately it is like impossible. What it is, is an advertisement that is on your YouTube videos. Then when someone clicks it, you get money, just like adsense. I don't know, if you go to YouTube a lot, spread the word about SFCGrazier please. I would like to make some more money and buy more gear and test it.
The new forum was gay, they did not send me a message to confirm my account. Right now I am trying to figure out how to get more clicks on my ads and to get more traffic. Also there is a guy on YouTube who is a big creeper. Just be aware when you're on the internet.
I just joined a new forum. So far looks nice. Here is the link to the website.



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Little depressed, I have to buy a suit and I have everything else except a jacket/blazer. I found out that a mid quality one cost $180, that's almost $200 dollars with the tax. Ugghh thought the day was going good, just shows how your day can go bad like that.